Bangli, Bali - In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Kodim 1626/Bangli continues to carry out PPKM operations to provide prokes appeals to residents who are active outside their homes in the Bangli District area. Saturday (08/01/2022).

In its implementation, the Babinsa conduct patrols around the Bangli area by appealing to health protocols to residents by emphasizing the implementation of the 3 M, (maintaining distance, washing hands and wearing masks). 

Dandim 1626/Bangli Lieutenant Colonel Inf I Gde Putu Suwardana, SIP said PPKM operations would continue to be carried out by the Bangli Kodim so that residents would not be careless and negligent in carrying out health procedures in their daily activities so as to avoid exposure to Covid-19.

He further said that all Koramil were dispatched to the field to try to enforce discipline to comply with health protocols to stop the spread of Covid 19.