Bangli, Bali – In order to monitor and monitor the security and social security situation and the routine Christian worship processions every Sunday, the Bangli Sector Police (Polsek) carries out regional patrols and security in a number of churches and other places of worship within the jurisdiction of the Bangli Police.

Related to this, on Sunday (09/01/2022), 4 (four) Bangli Police personnel from the Bangli Police, in charge of Pawas Iptu I Wayan Darmaja, carried out security at PPI Sembung.

The prayer was led by Rev. Alfret Elisa Lafian, with the theme of New Street and the number of congregations is 20 people.

In addition to providing security, the Polsek personnel also carry out dialogical patrols while conveying the kamtibmas appeal about health protocols to the public.

In the context of Adapting to New Habits, Bangli Police Personnel led by Pawas Together with members carried out discipline on health protocols and checked the readiness of the Sembung PPI Worship place.

"On this occasion the church has implemented a health protocol for the congregation who will carry out prayers. Before entering the church, the body temperature will be checked with a thermogun, using a mask, washing hands with soap and running water or using a hand sanitizer. This is done to prevent the spread of the virus. Covid-19." said Iptu I Wayan Darmaja.

"Security activities with the presence of the Police in uniform at the church location are carried out with the aim of providing a sense of security and comfort to Christian congregations who are carrying out prayer activities, and prevent disturbances of public order and security in the environment around churches/places of worship," added Iptu I Wayan Darmaja.

On this occasion, PPI Sembung "expressed many thanks to the Police who have carried out security at the PPI, so that the implementation of prayers runs safely and smoothly and is conducive," said Rev. Alfred Elisa Lavian.

When confirmed, the Bangli Police Chief said, "to prevent disturbances in the security and social order, as well as a form of securing every religious activity that is within the jurisdiction of the Bangli Police, so that every religious believer will feel safe and comfortable with the presence of the police," said Commissioner I Made Adi Suryawan, SH. ,MM